Bergen Carbon Solutions

Building hope for the future with CO₂

Bergen Carbon Solutions is fully committed to transforming CO₂ into a valuable resource. As a step in that direction, Maskinen has played a key role in refining the company's brand and enhancing communication strategies.

From climate issue to industrial resource

In 2023, Bergen Carbon Solutions established a new brand strategy to clearly define for themselves and others what the company aims to achieve in the future.

Unlike the practice of carbon storage, the technology of Bergen Carbon Solutions involves splitting CO₂ gas, transforming it into solid carbon – a material with excellent properties for use across various industries.

After implementing the brand strategy, the focus shifted towards communicating the new brand message and narratives.

"Our job is to ensure that CO₂ is now seen as a resource that can be harnessed, and not a problem, thanks to the technology of Bergen Carbon Solutions".

- Jon Frogner, Strategic Lead at Maskinen

A new website, created in collaboration with the skilled team at Vest Studio, became the central hub for storytelling through text, images, and video, all contributing to a unified and comprehensive approach.

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